Thursday, August 13, 2015

Buy the Right Bike for You

Biking by the Danube River
Summer is finally in full circle (at lest where I am). It's a lovely time to go around on your bike. 

Now, if you're just in the market for a new bicycle! Good for you, because bike riding is fun, provides economical transportation, and is great exercise. Not every bike is created equally, however, so make sure you pick out the type of bike that will work with your riding style. If you plan to commute to work on your two-wheeler, pick a bike that can handle both dirt and pavement. You’ll also want one that can is visible to motorists on the road, so consider buying a commuter model in a bright color or one that’s accessorized with lights and reflectors. 

 Maybe you’re not a commuter, but you are an adventurous type who likes to pedal up the sides of mountains or through forest and desert trails. If so, you’ll want to buy a bike that is designed for off-roading. Adventurers need mountain bikes with wide tires, lower gears, disc brakes, and full suspension. With this type of vehicle, you’ll be able to grip the surface of rocky trails, gravel, and dirt. If you just want a comfortable cruiser cycle or one that can help you burn calories and get a cardio workout, there are bikes that will meet these needs, as well. Prices vary greatly from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars, so do your homework and take some test drives. For more details about bike possibilities, take a look at this infographic.

  Bicycle Types: Finding the Right Bike | Bicycle Adventures Infographic
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