Thursday, January 19, 2012

Taking a rest while driving by

If you travel a lot, chances are you'll get tired halfway through, especially if it's a roadtrip that takes more than 5 hours. This is why travel breaks and car stops, even rooms for rent in an certain area is important. It's not only to have whoever driving the car a chance to go to the toilet or stretch his/her legs, it's also to check on the cars, have them refilled with water, gasoline and what else it needs. It's also to have some snack and if need be, get some sleep. Especially if you travel at night.

It is important to plan when you go on a roadtrip at night. You can't go driving for hours and suddenly plan to stay the night over an inn. At least, try to book one room for rent that is on the way. Ain't it easy nowadays that there are online sites for that? With a click of the mouse you can reserve a room or two to your liking. 

Convenience is the term that most transient accommodations offer. A comfortable bed, an easy breakfast, a safe for belongings and a good and easy bath for a more comfortable drive the next day. On your next trip out, and if you're doing drive bys, make sure to take photos of those inns along the way, you'll never when you'll need them, it is always a good thing to look into your photos for reference of where a certain stop/inn is.

Friday, January 06, 2012

More Napa

In the course of sightseeing around Napa Valley, we run into this private driveway. I was curious, but I obeyed the sign to keep away :)