Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fleet Factoring Saves Time and Money

Staying on top of invoicing, collections, and growing a transportation company can become overwhelming in just a few short years. What once worked for one or two trucks, can evolve into a nightmare of sorting through paperwork and keeping on top of expenses. By utilizing software that keeps records not only up-to-date, but consistent with loads, management has more time to expand without the worry of fleet factoring.

Cash flow problems occur with almost all transportation firms. When factoring out freight bills, an outside company takes on the responsibility of billing invoices and collecting funds. The amount of time and money saved is an advantage to the transportation industry due to the fast and convenient options that these firms offer.

Options for Fleet Factoring

There is much more to fleet factoring than creating invoices and collecting money. The diversity of credit checks of customers, live monitoring, fast online reports, and important notifications, create an atmosphere that could only be served by physical employees. One of the latest features available, is being able to borrow against receivables. There is no waiting on financial institutions for credit approval, evaluating a company's worth and setting up payment plans. The figures for outstanding receivables prove that a short loan can be paid back and growth is never put off.

Reward Programs

Many fleet factoring companies provide incentives to their customers with fuel discount programs and referral programs that pay extra cash. They may even offer equipment leasing and financing to help to grow a trucking business. By taking advantage of programs that have the right contacts, everything can be streamlined and much more efficient.

The trucking industry has evolved into a fast-paced environment that depends on prompt deliveries and on-time payments to drivers and staff. Removing the worry of staying ahead of invoicing and collecting money has become a detail that does not need to exist. The cost of getting started is minor compared to the hassles of paperwork and time constraints. Approval is simple with a good credit standing and the proper insurance and motor carrier authority. With the right fleet factoring company, growing pains will turn into no pains and a bright future.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Upscale Private Transportation For Hire

limousine hummer

Public transportation can be unreliable at times and taxis can also cause some hassles for tourists and business travelers. Limousine services provide reliable and professional transportation anywhere in a major metropolitan area.

A traditional stretched limousine has a private back section that can accommodate large groups of people. The smallest limos have intimate rear sections for several people to enjoy. A U shaped seating configuration may be installed in a modern limousine. Such a layout allows all of the passengers to interact and socialize while facing each other. A central table and console may also be featured in a limousine.

The entertainment package of a contemporary limousine includes a flat panel HDTV and multiple premium speakers. The TV can be used to play DVDs or stream TV shows. Satellite Radio is also integrated into a limousine's entertainment package. An example of a limousine service that offers upscale amenities is Premier Limousine Inc.

These days, wireless internet access is a standard feature in premium limousines. Passengers can easily log onto a secure network that is offered via a built in mobile hot spot inside the limousine vehicle. Fast speeds of more than 15 Mbps can be enjoyed while riding in the back of a limo.

Luxurious limousines are equipped with great amenities that are inspired by night clubs and lounges. For example, a small wet bar may come with a mini fridge that's used to store cold beverages and treats. Cocktail glasses can be nicely hung from the top of the mini bar that creates an exciting scene inside a limo. Special lighting effects with rotating disco balls also add a party scene into a limousine.

Button tufted seats with leather upholstery inside limousines are inspired by love seats of trendy night clubs. Even side pillows can be included in a limo to provide more cushioning and comfort for passengers.

For the ultimate privacy, passengers can interact with the limo driver through an intercom. The courteous driver does not bother any passengers during a ride. Chauffeurs also act as personal concierge staff for the valued passengers. Luggage and bags are removed from the trunk and carried over to the appropriate spot upon the request of passengers. Multilingual limousine drivers can also offer personalized assistance and guidance for foreign tourists visiting major cities in the United States. Limo chauffeurs also use the latest GPS systems to bring clients to the right destinations.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Fuel Conservation

Infographic: Fueling Change - A Little Conservation Goes A Long Way
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