Monday, December 30, 2013

About Airports

When it comes to an airport, whether it's one in a small town or one near a congested metropolitan area, you can never have enough safety measures. With airplanes, private jets, and helicopters making frequent take-offs and landings, it's important to have various guidance and safety items in use to make sure that the pilots can clearly see and navigate the runway. Runway status lights are a key component at any airport, and the technology and implementation of them are closely overseen by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Busy airports in particular benefit from these types of lights, often using them not just on the runways, but in other areas where airplanes might be.
Hubby driving to San Francisco International Airport

Airport runway lights are essentially specialty strips of lights (usually red, but sometimes orange and/or yellow) that provide visual guidance. The lights are bright but not blinding, and contrast perfectly with the surrounding concrete or asphalt to ensure that pilots navigating various types of aircraft can readily see them. But runway lights are not just an always-on setup. Instead, a complex system is used to control the runway lights based on aircraft activity. For instance, both radar and satellite activity are analyzed, and the lights themselves then turn on in long, bright lines in response to the presence of aircraft, or in an event where two or more aircraft run the risk of getting too close to one another. Standard runway lights will illuminate during take-off or a landing, but they will also illuminate to convey other important messages to pilots, and to assist with all guidance related to the navigation of aircraft. 

The agencies and companies responsible for the purchase, installation, and maintenance of airport runway lights often consider airport runway lights from These airport lights can be used alone or with other airport lighting systems. The bulbs are designed to be long-lasting and incredibly durable, as well as incredibly bright. For safety as well as precise navigation, airport lights are extremely important, and they should always be prioritized when it comes to maintaining an airport. You can visit a website like to learn more.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Car Security Features

It ain't Germany without cars! #driveby
It ain't Germany without cars! (Driving by a car shop)
Automotive manufacturers are embracing the power of technology by creating vehicles that are equipped with a wide range of security features that are focused on keeping today’s drivers and their passengers safe when traveling out on the roadways. While this safety equipment is proving to be a welcomed addition by saving thousands of lives around the world every day there is still a great need for this type of equipment for older make and model vehicles are that are in use. That is why companies such as American Security Company are offering their customers aftermarket products for all types of vehicles that will provide the same results new car buyers are experiencing.

Aftermarket automotive safety equipment that you will find available through American Security Company and other such merchants include back-up safety cameras, GPS navigational equipment, Drive Alert systems, back-up assistance, compass and temperature systems, camera systems, electronic mirrors and more. These products are available for all make and model vehicles you depend on regularly and come with full instructions for easy installation. Best of all you can take advantage of the online storefronts that these companies have for convenient comparison shopping right from your home computer or internet accessible mobile devices.

American Security Company and other reputable security equipment entities understand that safety is not only a concern for automobile owners and operators. These companies also offer a full range of security equipment for your home and business as well. Having a heightened sense of security for the safety of your family and employees is always a welcomed benefit for anyone. Ensuring that the products you are purchasing have been tested and have received the highest ratings possible only accentuates the comfort that you will experience.

Having a diverse list of products available companies such as American Security Co. understand that their customers can find themselves frustrated with the best security equipment for their unique needs. That is why these companies have customer care centers that you can contact that are staffed with experts that are ideal for helping you find the answers to your questions, concerns, or inquiries you may have. Visit and other reputable security equipment sites online to see the possibilities that available for keeping your loved ones, your home, your vehicle, and your business facilities safe and secure around the clock. You will find these products to be the wisest investment you can make during your lifetime.

Thursday, November 14, 2013



The Wasserpark one lovely autumn afternoon...clear waters reflect lovely blue skies.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Danube in Autumn

One autumn day that looks like spring...

By the Danube River, Vienna 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Restoring a Mustang

  Do you have a Barracuda that you've been keeping in your storage building for years? Have you found a classic Mustang that you would love to drive down the road just to turn heads? Car enthusiasts the world over have dreamed of restoring their favorite classic car or even getting back into the driver's seat of the muscle car they owned years ago when they were teenagers. Cars have a way of transporting their drivers to their dreams and fulfilling a lifelong passion and desire to drive a great automobile. 

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Restoring a car, especially on your own, can be tedious and time consuming. While this type of activity is a great hobby that many people have, most people simply do not have the time or knowledge to accomplish a perfect rebuild and restoration. This often hinders many car enthusiasts from ever getting into the driver's seat of the car of their dreams. For this reason, having a classic car professionally restored is a great alternative to doing it yourself or, worse still, never doing it at all. Professional restoration is usually not as costly as many drivers think and the finished car is always worth the investment. Another thing to consider is the intrinsic and continued value of the car. Once a classic car is restored, it holds its value regardless of economic hardship. The older a restored classic automobile gets often translates to a higher retail value.
Since Mustangs are among the most popular classic cars that people get restored, they can sometimes be the most difficult to find. If you are lucky enough to locate a Mustang with a solid body and straight frame, consider Mustang restoration at The service available there is industry leading and allows the car owner to work hand-in-hand with the restoration staff from beginning to end. This ensures the finished car is exactly as you dreamed it would be, without any surprise costs or unwanted changes to the car. This type of service is available for nearly all makes and models of classic cars. Save yourself the time and money involved in restoring your classic car on your own and take it to a professional. Your dream of driving that old classic down the strip is not as out of reach as you may have thought.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Toyota gets back in the racing game

Takumi Fujiwara's popular manga has definitely left an edge in racing that up to this day, the AE86 Trueno ( the Hachi-Roku in Japan) inspires and is in many still produced. Toyota Racing Development has continually manufactured them - probably different but  we know too well, it's still the '86 - more particularly the variant Scion FR-S.

And here's some details we got about Toyota's newest sports car.

Via: Scion

Thursday, May 09, 2013

No Sweat Car Rental Services When Travelling to Manchester

Travelling can be really fun, but the logistical requirements may sometimes present hassles. Getting to your destination and having to wait forever to flag a cab could be the first set back you will experience. You might have to fall in line along with the other travellers all looking for a ride to take them to wherever they need to go. If you are ever going to Manchester, there is a better way to take care of your transport needs. You can get cheap car hire Manchester airport by Easirent. With about a hundred flights all day, you definitely will have some competition when it comes to getting a ride. It pays to plan ahead and make arrangements for your own car rental. 

Majestic Manchester Town Hall

Car rentals can be quite an expense, but you can easily get one for more affordable rates when you shop wisely. This means that you have to start looking for your options early. This will give you time to properly consider your options and look for the best car rental packages available. What you will find with Easirent is that they do not ask for deposits nor charge cancellation fees. You simply have to choose your package, do the documentation, and you’re off with your own car for the day or for the duration that you require. 

 Having your own car to take you from the airport to the hotel and anywhere else you want to go during your travel does not have to involve jostling with other travellers or waiting in line for hours. You should be able to do it quick and easy – you do not want to waste precious travel time staying at the airport. Easirent at the Manchester airport is known for their speedy “meet and greet” service. This kind of fast and cheap car rental service is what any traveller needs whether he is travelling for business or for pleasure.