Friday, January 24, 2014

Spotting a Lemon

Nothing is more frustrating than getting your dream car but finding out that it's not how it should be functioning...that is, subpar to what new cars should. Intimately, or not...called a lemon, there are ways on how you can make things better....for you car and yourself without spending a lot. 

Who knew Lemon laws exist? I didn't until now, so read on.

Via: The Lemon Law Attorneys

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Broken Down Car...

most often seen street scenario

Travelers and residents alike could find themselves in a broken down car n the side of the road in Durham. While some residents may be familiar with a tow service or an auto shop, but that does not mean that the resident is guaranteed to know what to do when the car breaks down. Finding a tow truck and going to an auto mechanic can be a scary and harrowing experience. The driver doesn't have to scramble on their smartphone to figure out what to do because their auto club membership can point them in the direction of a quality Durham auto care center and tow truck. 

Using the assistance of an auto club will keep the motorist from wasting money and time on a tow service and repair that might be a little more than expected. Many times, the tow service and auto shop are approved by the auto club so that the customer knows that the service will be incredibly good. 

Also, the traveler who finds their car on the side of the road in Durham may need a place to stay the night while the car is being repaired or a place to eat during the day as the repair is completed. Being stuck in a place that is not home does not have to be a terrible experience. With help from the auto club, any driver can get their car to the right mechanic and also rest comfortably in Durham until the repairs are done. 

Using an auto club membership for roadside assistance is the most complete form of service that a motorist can get. Certainly, motorists can hope to know what to do after an accident or a break down, but the best thing to do is work with an ato club to get the help that is needed for the car. No driver should be unprepared, and the most prepared driver is carrying around an auto club card and will get help from the club every time there is a problem. 

Finding the best tow truck, auto shop, hotel and lunch can be done all with the assistance of the friendly auto club.