Saturday, October 29, 2011

Considering Vancouver Renovation and Relocation


(photo by hubby while touring in Vancouver)

One of hubby's unexpected trip while on vacation was Vancouver. I never thought he'd be going so I was late telling a friend about his visit. They managed to squeeze in a few hours though and I was told that they talked about a lot of things. Mind you it was their firs acquaintance. From how hubby enjoyed the city, to the cold breeze it has compared to Vienna. 

My friend later emailed me that they were even talking about Vancouver renovation and relocation. How it is much easier there and there are certain companies whose aim is not to just make homes marketable but a comfortable living quarter. I haven't asked hubby about it but he's coming home today so let's see. We're off to the airport for now. Tata!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

On to the Riches

This lovely and clear blue sky was taken during hubby's trip to Nevada...where else but Las Vegas! He met up with friends and has been posting photos of him playing on slot machines, world renowned hotels Bellagio, MGM Grand Las Vegas and the Vdara Hotel and Spa...

Can't blame him, what else to do in sin city but be merry, be a glutton, be greedy...I'm not tolerating this though, I do hope the hubby did everything in moderation and no to red light districts! Hmph!

Sunday, October 09, 2011


It was a sunny day in LA when hubby arrived and on the morning of Steve Jobs passing too.I expect a lot of drive by shots from the hubby...teehee! And snow globes as well! ;)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Italian Villas – The Perfect Places to Stay in and Take Drive By Shots

The distinctive ‘click’ can be heard as the button is pressed. A moment later, a small image pops up on the digital camera; just a bit distorted by the glass of the car’s window is a tall building sitting regally atop a hill. Down one slope, the image shows a seemingly endless line of grape vines, and you can just barely make out the age of the dark stone of the castle.

It can be a hard task to find someplace really good to take pictures from if you’re traveling abroad. Trains are always an option, of course, but trains don’t see every sight. For more casual vacationers, a luxury villa can be the perfect place from which to take Drive By Photographs.

In particular, European locations such as Italian villas offer a great home base from which to drive out, see the countryside, and take photographs of what you see. Unlike modern hotels, which are usually placed in locations most convenient for tourism, villas tend to be homes out in the countryside that have been converted to serve as rentals for travelers. In some regions that have been settled for a long period of time, these villas can include places originally constructed by noblemen or other individuals of importance who were looking to build hunting lodges or vacation homes for themselves… and, practically speaking, this means that many villas are located in particularly scenic areas expressly chosen because of how beautiful they are to start with. The local agriculture often makes a beautiful accompaniment to villas, particularly just before things are taken off trees and vines. With many locations far away from modern cities, it’s easy to drive for hours through Europe’s beautiful terrain from a private villa, taking pictures as you go.

Of course, the terrain isn’t all there is to photograph. Rental villas themselves make excellent material for casual and serious photographers alike; whether it’s a castle perched atop a hill, an ancient town nestled snugly in a lush valley, or even just a home in a modern neighborhood, villas come in many shapes and sizes, and quite a few of these old world wonders can make outstanding images for someone passing by. For a journey to take the best images you can as you pass them by, there’s no place quite like an Italian villa to take a snapshot of your life.