Friday, September 02, 2011

To Experience Vancouver Kayaks

This photo is blurred not because my hand is shaky but because we were in the train when I clicked the camera. This is one of the many drive by shots I took during our 6-hour-travel back from Nurnberg. I didn't realize that there was a kayak and saw it only when I viewed the shots later on.

Some posts ago I mentioned that the hubby plans to go on a US and Canada trip. Riding on the famous Vancouver Kayaks and fishing are listed on his to-dos. Hubby is an adventurous guy so I bet he'll enjoy hiking, camping or boating along with kayaking and other activities that Canada has to offer.


Sharon Wagner said...

If you take a photo from the kayak you can call it a paddle by.

 gmirage said...

@Sharon, I wish there's a like button here like in Facebook, I so like your comment! wit!

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