Saturday, November 08, 2008

A cloudy morning in Scotland


Today's photos are from a very creative photographer, IMAC.

"On a coach holiday up to Scotland, on the A1 in pouring rain with very dark clouds. The sun trying to break through.

The sun broke through with a little blue sky, catching the famous Angel of the North.
Both photos taken from the coach window with raindrops on."


Some would say rainy days are not easy to photograph, true, but some would pull it off and make excellent images out of the pouring rain.


Norm said...

nice capture! thanks for the visit..

Photo Cache said...

beautifully gloomy and wet.

g, i just submitted a shot.

Darla said...

Those shots are incredible!

babooshka said...

It could only be the UK, but splendid in it's glorious gloom.

Reader Wil said...

Yes that's the Scotland I saw! These photos are so real as if I am sitting behind a window wet from the rain. Very good Imac!

Anonymous said...

These are really great. I would tend to forget even trying to take pictures because of the rain on the window, but the raindrops really made the pictures.

Home Alarm System said...

i love this droplets work on your pix....good one..

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