Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sky Watch Friday - Silver


Driving by the Danube is always a pleasant trip, one gets to see beautiful skies aside from the usual charm of the lake. I call this photo 'silver' because of the sky's grayish glow.

Before you leave this page please take your time to look and comment on below's post. The photos are contribution of fellow Skywatcher, Imac.

If you have your own DriveBy photos to share please send them to: dog_lapss(at) Thanks!


  1. That's a magnoficent drvie by shot. The silhouetted trees agaisnt that liquid sky is glorious.

  2. "Silver" is the perfect description. Nice shot!

  3. Beautiful silvery sky indeed! So you take photos while driving by! You asked me if I was driving. No I got off my bicycle and took the photos before cycling home. I have no car and can't drive. I always cycle.

  4. I can certainly see why Silver, its beautiful.

  5. Nothing like a nice gray day (and I'm not being facetious!) This is a very nice autumn skyscape.

  6. So grey and glum. But the clouds are making an interesting pattern across the sky.
    The photos of the water drops on windows from the previous post are very interesting and clever. I like them, too.

    Happy Sky Watch Friday!
    New Mexico

  7. Beautiful clouds! Love the starkness of the bare trees against the sky.

  8. Not particularly uplifting...but then its Winter.

  9. Great photo & amazing shot.
    Happy SWF!

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