Monday, November 03, 2008

My World 3 - Old Danube


(Photo taken while I was at the U1 train, one afternoon)

Johann Strauss II, composed one of his classics, An der schönen blauen Donau (opus 314), in 1867. Originally performed 9 February 1867 at a concert of the Wiener Männergesangsverein (Vienna Men's Choral Association), it has been one of the most consistently popular pieces of music in the classical repertoire.

The waltz originally had an accompanying song text written by Josef Weyl. But the instrumental version is most commonly played today.

"The Beautiful Blue Danube" was first written as a song for a carnival's choir (for bass and tenor), with rather satirical lyrics (Austria having just lost the war with Germany). The original title was also referring to a poem about the Danube in the poet Karl Beck's hometown, Baja in Hungary, and not in Vienna. Later Franz von Gernerth wrote new, more "official-sounding" lyrics.

(Though on this day the Danube is not particularly blue but gray...-afternoon sun-)

Donau so blau, so schön und blau,

durch Tal und Au wogst ruhig du hin,

dich grüßt unser Wien, dein silbernes Band.

knüpft Land an Land und fröhliche Herzen

schlagen an deinem schönen Strand.

Weit vom Schwarzwald her eilst

du hin zum Meer,

spendest Segen allerwegen,

Ostwärts geht dein Lauf,

nimmst viel Bruder auf:

Bild der Einigkeit für alle Zeit!

Alte Burgen Seh'n nieder von den Höh'n,

grüssen gerne dich von ferne

und der Berge Kranz,

hell vom Morgen glanz,

spiegelt sich in deiner Wellen Tanz.

Die Nixen auf dem Grund,

die geben's flüsternd kund,

was alles du erschaut,

seit dem über dir der Himmel blaut.

Drum schon in alter Zeit

ward dir manch Lied geweiht;

und mit dem hellsten Klang preist

immer auf's Neu dich unser Sang.

Halt an deine Fluten bei Wien,

es liebt dich ja so sehr!

Du findest, wohin du magst zieh'n,

ein zweites Wien nicht mehr!

Hier quillt aus voller Brust

der Zauber heit'rer Lust,

und treuer, deutscher Sinn streut

aus seine Saat von hier weithin.

Danube so blue, so bright and blue,

through vale and field you flow so calm,

our Vienna greets you, you silver stream

through all the lands you merry the heart

with your beautiful shores.

Far from the Black Forest

you hurry to the sea

giving your blessing to everything.

Eastward you flow,

welcoming your brothers,

A picture of peace for all time!

Old castles looking down from high,

greet you smiling from their steep

and craggy hilltops,

and the mountains' vistas

mirror in your dancing waves.

The mermaids from the riverbed,

whispering as you flow by,

are heard by everything

under the blue sky above.

The noise of your passing

is a song from old times

and with the brightest sounds

your song leads you ever on.

Stop your tides at Vienna,

it loves you so much!

Whenever you might look

you will find nowhere like Vienna!

Here pours a full chest

the charms of happy wishes,

and heartfelt German wishes

are flown away on your waters.

Join us as we travel around our own world and also see the world around this meme, My World, You'll surely enjoy this as much as you enjoy Sky Watch Friday!


Louise said...

Blue, gray, it's still pretty!

fishing guy said...

Gizzelle: What a wonderful view of a river of song. It does still flow as a clean river.

Titania said...

You have always great photography. It is lovely to see the "blue" Donau. Interesting history too. My mother was Austrian. As a child I have spend many very happy holidays in Austria. My last trip to Vienna was last year in September. Thank you for stopping by and I like the word play!

leslie said...

I hope to one day cruise down the Danube to the beautiful music of Herr Strauss.

Maria said...

Wow, the trees are already yellow around the Old Danube? I must come and take a walk there next weekend!
Thank you for sharing!

Sylvia K said...

Love the pictures of the Danube and the lyrics to the song, thank you!

WillThink4Wine said...

All the while reading I was thinking that I was disappointed that it was not blue. After reading your final comments, perhaps it was just the light that day?

Mojo said...

Blue or gray, it cuts a stunning figure!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

AH! So this is the beautiful blue Danube. Very nice, especially since it still looks to be beautiful after all these years. ;-)

imac said...

Ah, yes, I love his music, play it loud and sit on your own, heaven.

Reader Wil said...

Of course I know "An der schönen blauen Donau", but I didn't know that there were lyrics to it. Wonderful that you wtote it down.

Lifecruiser said...

How great, this wakes up my memory - I was in Vienna in the beginning of September and I did take the Twincity liner from Bratislava on Danube river to get there.

I'm about to write about it soon - I've already written about our very short stay in Bratislava.

We had super weather while we were there, surprisingly hot.

We did enjoy Vienna very much, it's a very beautiful city.

Lifecruiser Travel Blog

Carole said...

Great post! And a wonderful photo.

dot said...

Interesting post!

momgen said...

Thanks for sharing your world. Its pretty...TC

Mine is up

babooshka said...

Beautiful river and interesting to read about the song too.

TCKK said...

Beautiful photo.

Ladynred said...

What a beautiful view!

Kelly said...

What a fascinating history and story! I found this so interesting and such a lovely post! Thanks for sharing your world!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Great picture of somewhere I have always hoped to visit

Lawstude said...

thank you for translating the song for us. i really appreciate it. the photo fits the song perfectly. great day to you.

Arija said...

Obviously I had not heard the official version in it's entirety before. It does sound rather official, I prefer the simpler Volksmund version.
It is always lovely to see the Donau no matter what the colour.


Beautiful Danube World.

syel said...

uy danube again! i haven't passed by here for quite sometime. dami ng magagandang pics!

Gmj said...

I thank you for sharing your world. This is the only view I will have of the river.

Anonymous said...

As much as I've loved the waltz, I've never before heard the story of it. And such beautiful photos make me want to go see the river itself, myself.

Thanks for sharing your world.

Anonymous said...

Hi mirage, great post for My World. Mine is here
Was looking for your RT post... :)

Mar said...

Classic, elegant entry!! and beautiful shots.

Photo Cache said...

I thought this is one of the most romantic bodies of water ever. Is there a river cruise that would take you to all the countries that danube traverses?

Rambling Woods said...

Interesting history which I enjoy along with the photos..great meme

Sidney said...

A peaceful landscape!

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